Monday, February 15, 2010

The Best Cup of Hot Cocoa Ever

OK, so it was Valentines Day and I just wanted to make a really special cup of Hot Cocoa and relax with my sweet hubby. So I mixed up the cocoa in my very favorite kitchen appliance my Bialette Hot Chocolate Maker and made chocolate whipped cream. I have a wonderful tool for making whipped cream (ISI Whipped Cream Maker) but I had never made chocolate whipped cream in it. What the heck, it couldn't be that different from regular whipped cream could it? So I carefully mixed the ingredients for Chocolate Whipped Cream and poured them into my ISI Whipped Cream Maker. Attached the ISI Cream Charger and prepared to dispense glorious chocolate whipped cream onto the perfect cup of hot cocoa. OOPS, try as I might nothing would come out. So I passed of the task of extracting whipped cream from the dispenser to my husband. Still nothing, so he depressurized the canister and informed me that I could open it and scoop out the cream. Doing as I was told I began to open the canister and heard a slight hiss. The last of the pressure releasing, or so I thought. The next thing I knew, I was holding the top of the canister, the bottom has shot into the dinning room, and my husband, I and our kitchen were all covered in chocolate whipped cream, with on perfect dollop having landed in the cup of hot cocoa I was trying to put it on in the first place! (I decided to treat you with a picture of just one of the walls and counter areas that were splattered) Once I got done laughing, scrubbing the walls, floors & cabinets, I sat down to enjoy The Best Cup of Hot Cocoa Ever. If you want to try it here is the recipe. But I don't suggest using your ISI Whipped Cream Maker for the Chocolate Whipped Cream, save it for regular cream with no chocolate to clog it up.

Hot Cocoa
1 Cup whole milk
2 Tablespoons ground dark chocolate ( I buy
callebaut in bulk and grind it in my food processor)
1 handful of mini marshmallows
Add all ingredients to your hot chocolate maker and run for 6-8 minutes or cook in sauce pan over medium heat until warm but not boiling (the marshmallows will be melted).

Chocolate Whipped Cream
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup VERY FINELY ground dark chocolate

2-3 Tablespoons vanilla syrup (you can buy it
here or check back later to learn how to make your own)
Mix all ingredients and let sit for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes use your hand mixer to whip the cream into stiff peaks. Spoon onto Hot Cocoa and enjoy!